• Affiliation No. - 2132530
  • Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi
  • School Code. - 55727
  • Mobile No. +91 750 0666 609

Welcome To D.R.S.S Modern Public School

Affiliated To CBSE Board (Affiliation No. 2132530)

A Massage From Manager's Desk

School Education is a moral duty of development of humanity. there is no evolution without education. our country is still back as per education and the position of our area is still miserable. Even today there is no improvement in the living level of the people of village, so as to keeping this goal in the mind, organised B.M.A.S. education extension committee. education is key to knowledge and knowledge is compulsory for the higher progress and development. One of the greatest estate of country is a resource. It can be attained by greater education and property.

Dr. Bhanu pratap singh - Manager

The School

“Education is a necessary tool that opens the window to a bright future.”

D.R.S.S. MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL running unfer the BMAS Education society (Registered). It provides primary and secondary education in Mathura district. The building if school ideally, situated in around two acres at area. It is characterized by beautiful, clean, green and healthy surrounding. the school lays g great stress on cleanliness and presents a highly development aesthetics look. Location is the midst of natural surrounding. It supports greenery with is and around its complex.

Latest Activity

Students of all subjects across every grade level will enjoy these educational activities from Education.com. Craft activities like mood meter signs, and brain games such as challenging toothpick puzzles, are perfect for every kind of learner. With so many educational activities at your fingertips, it is a lot easier to keep kids entertained while they learn new skills and practice recently introduced concepts.