• Affiliation No. - 2132530
  • Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi
  • School Code. - 55727
  • Mobile No. +91 750 0666 609

The School

D.R.S.S. MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL running unfer the BAMS Education society (Registered). It provides primary and secondary education in Mathura district. The building if school ideally, situated in around two acres at area. It is characterized by beautiful, clean, green and healthy surrounding. the school lays g great stress on cleanliness and presents a highly development aesthetics look. Location is the midst of natural surrounding. It supports greenery with is and around its complex.

A Massage From Manager's Desk

Heigher Education is a moral duty of development of humanity. there is no evolution without education. our country is still back as per education and the position of our area is still miserable. Even today there is no improvement in the living level of the people of village, so as to keeping this goal in the mind, organised B.M.A.S. education extension committee. education is key to knowledge and knowledge is compulsory for the higher progress and development. One of the greatest estate of country is a resource. It can be attained by greater education and property by coming from rural by education.

Running a school, D.R.R.S. Modern Public School, for the development of rural students so that they may not suffer for education. In the disciplined premises of school, student are looked after by trained teachers with new knowledge so that yhey may be ideal and worthy citizen in future. Education family.


D.R.S.S. MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL is reputed center of quality education and stands for its an all around development of its studetns. The primary objectives of the school for assuming leadership role in the competitive world. To development the talent of all students.

D.R.S.S. focus personalty development and to build confidence and self esteem. The main objective of school are:

1. To give best education to the students with modern techniques.

2. To search and development in the students.

3. To make all students active and intelligent.

4. To develop a sense of discipline and self reliance among the students.

5. To create interest among the students in the sports and culture activities.

6. To develop sense of co-operation among the students.

7. To raise their moral standard.

8. To broaden their vision.

9. To make them better members of better society.

10. On the wholl all round development of the child i.e mental physical, social and culture development of the students.


Excellent infrastructure provides a solid foundation and the most conductive atmosphere.


D.R.S.S. modern public school is promoted and managed by BMAS Education development society, a registered non government organization of public nature established by the eminent personalities your development of education and charitable activities in rural area so that such backward and remote place could join main stream.


The school session begins from 1st april each year.


In order to provide knowledge and experience to the students, the school organises tour and excursion to various historical and religious place of the country from time to time.


DRSS Modern Public School imparts moral education to equip the students with desired social values. Fundamental of the religions are properly brought home to them so that they can rise above narrow sectarian concepts.


To prepare the students for the new role the provides computer education mandatory for all the students from class 3rd. Education in computer science is provided in a big modern computer lab with education software, multimedia Kit and internet facilities.


The library at DRSS Modern Public School is more like integrated knowledge resource center that is stocked with 2800 book is total.


1. An English medium co-educational school.

2. Lush green, pollution free huge campus.

3. Total personality development.

4. Affordable and moderate fee structure giving quality education.

5. Traditional values, modern facilities.

6. Curriculum and methodology of teaching as per C.B.S.E, New Delhi.

7. Well qualified trained teachers.

8. Special emphasis on co- curriculum activities.

9. Transport facilities.

10. Parent - Teacher meeting.

11. Spoken English.

12. Games and P.T.

13. Local visit and tour.

14. Extra support for weak student.

15. Dance and aerobics studies.

16. Regular grooming and personality development.

17. Coaching and guidance facility.

18. Stress on learning by doing.

19. Improvement in Language skills.